Special service

Do you have no time to bring your artwork to our shop or it’s not possible because of COVID19?

We have the solution!

This is how we will work:

  • We pick up and bring back your artwork for free (if the artwork will be framed in our gallery), anywhere in Geneva (GE), Vaud (VD) and a part of Fribourg (FR) and Valais (VS).

  • When we pick up the artwork, a form will be filled in with the specifications and the value of the artwork and some necessary personal data. The artwork will be insured the moment it is in our car.

  • We will have a conversation about how you want to frame your work. We are open to all different and personal ideas. We will explore your tastes, your wall colours, and your interior style to find the perfect match.

  • Before we come to your home, we will have a conversation about the style of your artwork and the frame style you want so, we can prepare our samples. If you do not know which style you want, don’t worry, we will help you through.

  • We will explore the different mouldings we have with us and see the possibilities to frame your artwork. We will make an estimation that is completely free.

  • When you have decided a composition, we will frame your artwork with caution and use the conservation rules. That means your artwork will be protected for ever.

  • It will take between 3 to 6 weeks before the frame is ready, depending on the difficulties and specialities of the frame.

  • When the personalised framed artwork is ready, we will bring it back to you at no additional charge. ( the measurements are limited, if the art piece is too big we ask a supplement equal to the rent of a van).

  • A provision of 40% will be charged before starting the framework.

  • We ask always to pay upon receipt, wiring or MC/Visa on our account (before) or when we bring the completed work.

*** If you decided not to frame your artwork and we picked it up, we ask you the following cost:  1CHF per km and a fix amount of 75 CHF.

The key principle behind conservation framing is that the framer should incase and preserve artwork while leaving its original condition unchanged and that all framing materials and techniques should be reversible.

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