About Alain Defoer


Alain Defoer brings more than a quarter century’s worth of experience in marketing, promoting and framing contemporary art.  Alain managed leading contemporary art galleries and auction houses in Ghent (Belgium) and Fort Lauderdale (USA), and traded in leading contemporary artists’ works including Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon, Panamarenko, Luc Tuymans, Daniel Buren, Sam Francis, Joseph Beuys, Les nouveau realist and many more.

Alain is passionate about the intersection of contemporary art with both modern and traditional architecture and design, gained from 15 years in the offices of architecture AEH bvba in Ghent (Belgium), studies in contemporary (post war art), 20th Century Design at Barry University, Miami (USA) and long-standing experience in the contemporary art market.

Alain has also pursued further interests in photography and aboriginal art of Canada and Australia. With an academic background in engineering at the University in Ghent.

He brings a unique combination of precision, design, business acumen and passion for art together into his current enterprise of “in situ” art framing – artframingart.ch.  Based in the Geneva – Lausanne -- Vevey axis.

Alain has brought his passion for art and his skills in framing and design into more than 100 homes in the region, building unique pieces and integrating them in clients’ homes and businesses with complete end-to-end service.  

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