Choose your art frame in the comfort of your home

Our mission

Offering our clients a high quality art-frame using the best materials, loving craftsmanship with a flexible mobile service in Geneva and Vaud, so that our clients can fully enjoy their precious works of art. We strive for our customers to have peace of mind.

How do we work

We discuss your request by phone. Once we have an idea about your request we come to your home with the frame samples. We choose the perfect frame in situ according to the uniqueness of the artwork and keeping in with your style and taste. When we have an agreement we bring your artwork safely to our workshop in Saubraz and complete the project. We bring the finished frame artwork safely back to your home or business and hang the pieces according to your directions and taste. 

Art.Framing Art


Do you want a complete work of art?

Hanging service

You don't know how to hang up your artworks?


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