Our work takes us to homes, businesses, galleries and museums throughout the Romandie region.  As part of our extensive engagement with art lovers and connoisseurs, we have had the privilege of meeting many of the region’s emerging artists and gaining an appreciation of their unique talents and artistic styles.  We have partnered with several local artists, bringing our 25 years of experience in the European and North American art markets, and advising them on the display, marketing and conservation of their works.  You are invited to explore the profiles of these talented individuals.  

Please note that we do not receive any compensation or commission from the featured artists.  We consider it a privilege as a small business in Romandie to be able to support our local artists!  

 If you are a artist interested in bringing your art to the next level and being featured on, you are welcome to reach out to us at:

Simone Monney

A fan of fashion and creative at heart, she nonetheless embarked on a career path far removed...

Claude Sabet

Claude Sabet was born in 1938, Doctor in chemistry. He used to work as an executive in Multinational companies.

Elsa Valse

J’ai été attirée par l’image dès mon plus jeune âge, je dessinais et bricolais souvent grâce à mon imaginaire...

Muriel Favarger

"Authentique et rayonnante, Muriel a acquis depuis 1997 une vaste expérience sur le terrain. Depuis 2008, elle s'est spécialisée...

Vanessa de Rougemont

Je suis née à Paris, de nationalité anglaise et suisse. J'ai toujours été créative et j'ai découvert...

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